Flavour applications

Our product


> Dairy
> Sorbet/gelato
> Bakery products
> Snack foods
> Confectionery and chewing gum
> Sauces, dips and marinades
> Fruit preparations
> Instant meals


> Teas
> Coffees
> Protein shakes
> Drinking yoghurts
> Instant powder drinks
> Cordials
> Juices
> Spirits, liqueurs and mixers
> Carbonated beverages


Over 5000 flavours


Taste Master produces an extensive range of sweet and savoury flavours. With a base portfolio of more than 5000 tried and tested flavours, we are able to swiftly customize samples to meet sophisticated individual customer requirements.


Flavour delivery systems


Taste Master manufactures and delivers flavours in all of the following forms:
> Liquid flavours
> Encapsulated flavour granules
> Spray-dried flavours
> Blended flavour systems


Custom development


Taste Master has the research and development capacity to be a progressive new product development partner, working with customers to create new flavour profiles for technically demanding applications.


All natural and organic


Taste Master offers an extensive range of all-natural flavour systems in liquid, powder and granule forms suitable for use in certified organic foods and beverages.


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