Taste Master offers extensive expertise in development of flavour profiles.

Highly experienced flavourists

Taste Master's tertiary-qualified flavourists have many years of development experience in the multinational flavour industry and deep technical knowledge of natural flavour chemistry. We offer extensive expertise in development of sweet and savoury flavour profiles, in addition to flavour applications expertise in ice cream, yoghurt, flavoured milk, tea, coffee, confectionery, snack foods, instant meals, still and carbonated beverages.

Technical expertise

Taste Master's team of food scientists offer first-rate technical expertise, depth of experience and creativity in the areas of new flavour development, flavour matching and new product development. Our R&D team will help ensure your customers enjoy a distinctively delightful taste in your finished product.


Cutting-edge technology

Taste Master has an ongoing commitment to developing cutting-edge technology. We have invested heavily in technology that enables:
> New and exciting flavour creations in partnership with customers
> Development and testing of flavour encapsulation systems
> Precision matching of existing flavours
> Proactive development of new flavour profiles


Advanced technical facilities

Taste Master's technical team operates out of a well-equipped modern laboratory with advanced capabilities including gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GCMS) and solid-phase micro extraction (SPME), laboratory-scale emulsions, spray drying and extrusion equipment.

Commercial confidentiality

Taste Master understands the delicate nature of new product development. As a key partner, Taste Master has a strong track record of maintaining secure customer confidentiality. Taste Master enters into Non-Disclosure Agreements as required.


Technical partnerships

Taste Master works closely with industry technical experts, equipment manufacturers, and university researchers to assist customers in succeeding with complex technical challenges.




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